Villeroy & Boch at John Lewis

Villeroy & Boch Tableware and Cutlery Available at John Lewis

Since the first shop to sport the John Lewis name opened in 1867, the John Lewis Company has been known for the quality and style of the merchandise available. Lewis had a simple retail philosophy; offer good quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Lewis was known for his daily market visits where he would search for items he deemed worthy of his customers. This same philosophy remained in place as the John Lewis Co. began to include children’s wear, furniture and ladies fashions.

The same search for quality has resulted in the Villeroy & Boch line being available at the John Lewis Company shops and in the company’s online marketplace. The fact that John Lewis offer Villeroy & Boch cutlery, glassware and tableware is no surprise in light of the Company’s long-standing reputation of offering only products of high quality. Much like its retail partner, Villeroy & Boch also has this long history of offering quality and innovative products. The company Villeroy & Boch traces its history to 1748 in a small Lorraine village where Francois Boch opened a pottery company with is three sons.

The company built a ceramic kiln works in Luxembourg a few years later. Future partner Nicholas Villeroy became the sole owner of a Wallerfangen faience manufacturing company in 1785. The two companies pioneered many iconic ceramic designed concepts and patterns and merged their talents in 1836. One of the lasting contributions of the company was the creation of phanolith, which was first introduced at the Paris Exposition in 1900. Villeroy & Boch now has a well-deserved reputation for quality products tableware, ceramic tiles and fine plumbing fixtures.

The cutlery, glassware and tableware on offer from John Lewis all exhibit the quality craftsmanship and striking designs that have been a company trademark since the 1700’s. While Villeroy & Boch designs are rich in history, their designs are decidedly contemporary. Their glassware offers the perfect combination of style and function. Their tableware runs the gamut from nostalgic to modern.

The Farmhouse Touch line is reminiscent of long ago rural Europe. The New Wave collection features a striking futuristic design that presents a dramatic, elegant and very modern feel. Other pieces in the Villeroy & Boch tableware line bring an artistic touch to the table, adding colour and practicality. The cutlery designs take their inspiration from modern architecture and are equally suited for many settings ranging from casual to formal. Another key part of John Lewis’ original philosophy was to offer quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

Once again Villeroy & Boch fits well into the company’s original mandate. All Villeroy & Boch items at the John Lewis Company prove that setting a stunning table need not break your budget.