Villeroy & Boch Outlet

If you are looking for bargains, one of the first places you should check is outlet shops. Many outlet shops are located online as well as in regular retail locations.

Outlet shops can result in savings, sometimes as high as 90% off of regular retail price. Before you start your outlet shopping trip, here is some information to help you get ready.

What to Expect at an Outlet Shop

outletMany people think that outlet shops are stocked with “seconds,” items that are flawed due to manufacturing errors. While you may occasionally find items with minor defects, which by the way will always be marked as such, that is not the norm. The products that are most often found are those that are overstocked or discontinued, or a previous year’s style.

Retailers need to control their inventory carefully. Shops, even ones of Villeroy & Boch’s caliber, often misjudge the popularity of an item. Brick and mortar shops must dedicate shelf space to items that are in demand. And even though the “shelf space” of an online retailer is virtually unlimited, they strive to make browsing through their products an easy experience. When a retailer has a surplus of an item, it usually makes its way to the outlet shop at a substantial discount. The same thing happens when a retailer’s warehouse and storage spaces become overcrowded, and they must make room for new shipments.

Every product goes through style changes, including items like cutlery and tableware. Often a design chance is minimum, say a tumbler is a few millimetres deeper, or the pattern or tone in a piece of cutlery is altered. When this happens the “old” model moves to the outlet area as well, to prevent customers from receiving mismatched pieces. In a vast majority of products the difference between “last year’s model” and the new product is insignificant and unnoticeable.

Discontinued items and surplus stock is also frequently found in outlet shops. Once an item is no longer being manufactured, it usually goes to the outlet area. By moving items to the outlet shop, quality retailers are letting their customers know that the item will no longer be available. This is especially important with products that are usually bought in matching sets, like place settings and cutlery. Few things are more frustrating than selecting a style and not being able to complete the set to include the desired number of place settings.

‘Outlet Only Products’ have also become increasingly popular. These items are made for and sold exclusively in the outlet shop and offer excellent value and quality. The fact that the company designs a product specifically for their outlet customers doesn’t mean that the product is inferior to their normal retail shop products.

The main purpose of the outlet only products is to aid in the growth of the shop. New and exclusive items help ensure customers will make repeat visits.